Here's what People are saying about Living Better on Less:

“I would recommend this program to anyone that would like to be more conscious of their footprint, and seek ways to live on less.”

“The course covered many topics, from how to make and follow a budget, to recycling clothes, to living a greener existence, and offered opportunities to further explore options. After I contacted a hydro resource provided in the course. They came and did an inventory of my house, looking for ways to cut down on using utilities. They gave me some items that will benefit me in reducing my utilities, and water consumption. I also realized that my garden is for more than flowers and have identified an area where I will be growing vegetables this year. I also learned ways to contribute to the community with very little cost.”

“The coordinator, all the presenters, volunteers, and participants were very friendly and helpful in sharing information.”

“I found Living Better on Less a wonderful program and very helpful for the following reasons:

  1. The laundry, cleaning and skin products are all non-toxic and I “love” them. My non-toxic skin product is made with beeswax, coconut oil, tea and essential oil.
  2. Cooking together with the group I learned how to prepare local winter foods. We shared many tips.”

“As a newly retired individual living on a very different income, I had heard about the Living Better on Less Program and decided to join the course with no clear idea of what a significant benefit it would be in contributing to my transition.”

“My financial goals are clearer for this year. I have learned to define what “I want” and what “I need”. Doing the worksheets and exercises has stretched my understanding of “financial planning on a fixed income”. I gained serenity in humbly sharing financial advice among the group.”

“I have spoken to my landlord about issues — thanks to the speaker from the Legal Clinic.”

“I use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.”

“I had no idea homemade food is so much cheaper! I love to be in the kitchen and now I know how important it is that I cook my own food!"

“For the sake of my health and the environment I am switching to homemade cleaners.”

Living Better on Less made me more aware of where my money goes. And being able to save”